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Burton Engineering and Machinery Co.
Burton Gasoline Locomotives
Cincinnati, Ohio
Information gathered from published trade catalogs  1921
and AMICo's photo archives

Burton Engineering and Machinery Co Located in Cincinnati, Ohio
Spring Grove and Alabama Ave.
1921 Burton Locomotive Brochure
Burton Engineering and Machinery Co Locomotive assembly floor 1920
A rare picture of qty (10)  24" Gauge
Burton Gasoline Locomotives under construction
Burton Locomotive 3 1/2 -ton
The class "D" locomotive was constructed with a 23 hp 4 cylinder Herschell-Spillman motor
Lakewood-Burton Gasoline Locomotive 6 Ton
Burton Gasoline Locomotive 3-1/2 Ton
Lakewood-Burton Gasoline Locomotive 6-Ton
Construction project at New England Oil Refining 1920
Front View
Burton Engineering and Machinery had a patent pending on a unique leaf spring anti-vibration mounting system for the radiator.
Burton Gasoline Locomotive
3-1/2 ton Class "D" frame
Baldwin Bros Company utilizing a
6-ton Lakewood-Burton Gasoline Locomotive assisting in the construction of pouring concrete for the Dover Road project Cleveland, Ohio (Oct 1920).
6-ton Lakewood-Burton Gasoline Locomotive assisting in the construction of New England Oil & Refining (1920).
Burton Gasoline Locomotives
The Burton Locomotive was offered in
2 sizes: a 3-1/2 ton and 6 ton models
Gauges 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 & 56-1/2 inch