Harris #1 Mine Mine Equipment Preservation
GE 15 Ton Supply Mining Locomotives #7 & #14

American Industrial Mining
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Preserving Our Mining and Industrial Heritage
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  1.  Harris #1 Mine
    Harris #1 Mine
    In 2007 #7 in service hooked to a supply train
  2. Harris #1 Mine
    Harris #1 Mine
    The American Industrial Mining team now loaded and secured for the journey back to the motorbarn in Ohio to get it operational once again.
  3. Harris #1 Mine
    Harris #1 Mine
    Rollin !!!
  4. AIMCO Motorbarn
    AIMCO Motorbarn
    Ron grabs a hold of the 15 tonner and positions it in place to place on tracks in the motorbarn.
  5.  Harris #1 Mine
    Harris #1 Mine
    In 2007 we see #14 in the shop undergoing routine maintenance.
  6.  Harris #1 Mine
    Harris #1 Mine
    2010 Patriot Coal closed the mine and donated 2 units. The high lift struggling to pick the 30,000 lb locomotive to be loaded on our semi truck.
  7. AIMCO Motorbarn
    AIMCO Motorbarn
    Ron at the controls on the Caterpillar D-6 .
  8. AIMCO Motorbarn
    AIMCO Motorbarn
    Up the rail ramp first shot.
  9. AIMCO Motorbarn
    AIMCO Motorbarn
    #14 Arriving
  10.  Harris #1 Mine
    Harris #1 Mine
    Brakes stuck on the locomotive
  11. AIMCO Motorbarn
    AIMCO Motorbarn
    Mike giving a tug with the backhoe to get it off the trailer.
  12. AIMCO Motorbarn
    AIMCO Motorbarn
    Pete and Candice
  13. AIMCO Motorbarn
    AIMCO Motorbarn
    #14 will need lots of additional work to get it operational again.
  14. AIMCO Motorbarn
    AIMCO Motorbarn
    #7 comes back to life in 2011.
Patriot Coal donates (2) 15 Ton GE Mining Locomotives
Watch the video to see the Southern West Virginia coal mine supply locomotive in operation again at the American Industrial Mining Co's motorbarn under trolley wire.