Powhatan #6 Mine
Mine Equipment Preservation
Year : 1918
10 Ton Baldwin Westinghouse
Mine Locomotive 42" ga Haulage
Originally built for Ohio Colleries

American Industrial Mining Co.
Preserving Our Mining and Industrial Heritage
Non-profit preservation, restorations and education
  1. Powhatan #6 Mine
    Powhatan #6 Mine
    #600 a 1918 Baldwin Westinghouse 10 ton underground mine haulage locomotive
  2. Powhatan #6 Mine
    Powhatan #6 Mine
    The Plymouth Locomotive staging the supply trains.
  3. Powhatan #6 Mine
    Powhatan #6 Mine
    Loading it up
  4. Powhatan #6 Mine
    Powhatan #6 Mine
    The forklift loading the 10 ton in just a matter of few minutes.
  5. Powhatan #6 Mine
    Powhatan #6 Mine
    Waiting on the forklift to finish up loading a longwall shear assembly that just came up from the mine.
  6. Powhatan #6 Mine
    Powhatan #6 Mine
    Loading supply cars on the track
  7. Powhatan #6 Mine
    Powhatan #6 Mine
    Thanks Roger for hauling it back to our restoration shops.
  8. AIMCO Motorbarn
    AIMCO Motorbarn
    Inspection and testing of all electrical components before putting power to it.
  9. AIMCO Motorbarn
    AIMCO Motorbarn
    Traction motor armature
  10. AIMCO Motorbarn
    AIMCO Motorbarn
    This unit had power contactors which was a great safety feature for the motorman. His controller had a low voltage control power instead of the 250 volt DC.
  11. AIMCO Motorbarn
    AIMCO Motorbarn
    Power to it with a few minor adjustments. Back to life !!!
  12. AIMCO Motorbarn
    AIMCO Motorbarn
    Trolley Pole Up
  13. AIMCO Motorbarn
    AIMCO Motorbarn
    Watch the video of this in action.
1918 Baldwin Westinghouse  RUNS AGAIN
Ohio Valley Coal donates 10 Ton Baldwin Westinghouse Mining Locomotive
Watch the video to see the OLDEST Ohio coal mine haulage locomotive known to exist in operation again at the American Industrial Mining Co's motorbarn under trolley wire.