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Slate Quarry Description
The open pit slate quarry has enormous slate runs protruding from the earth. The quarry began at this location approximately 1878 as the Stephens Jackson Slate Co.  The Albion Quarry where the steam hoist last operated was at at depth of 140 feet.  The pit is now filled with water.
FUN FACT : Approximately 70% of the slate cut from the quarry is waste to achieve the highest quality products.  All the roofing slate is still hand split to this day. Now that is true American quality.
Yearly the miners produce a remarkable  2,300,000 tons  of slate with approximately  50 employees  working a single shift 5 days a week to make it all happen. 
History provided by Mike Piersa Curator/ Historian for the
National Museum of Industrial History
The Dally Slate Co.
Pen Argyl , Pa
1954-Active Mine (2015)
Stephen Jackson Slate Company
1878 - 1954
Dally Slate Co. Quarry
Pen Argyl, Pa
Steam Hoist Memories
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The Dally Slate Quarry
The Dally Slate Company
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