Minster Gasoline Locomotives
Cummings Machine Company
The Industrial Equipment Company (TIECO)
Minster , Ohio
Information gathered from AIMCo Lakewood Engineering archives, Original TIECO catalog
and Google Books Image March 1921 Highway Engineer and Contractor Vol 4, Locomotive Cyclopedia 1925, 1922 Rock Products

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Locomotives manufactured from 1917 to 1930's
  • Cummings Machine Company
Gasoline Locomotives 1917 to 1921
  • Industrial Equipment Company
Gasoline Locomotives 1921 to mid 30's

5 Basic models were manufactured

Model C (2 ton)
Model F (4, 6, 8, & 10 ton)

Custom orders were also placed

 Midmark, formerly The Cummings Machine Company was founded in 1915 as a manufacture of cement mixers.

In 1918 Cummings bought the Reeves Pulley Company's engine business.

Then in 1921 the company expanded its product line to mining locomotives, foundry equipment and custom metal fabrications, and became the Industrial Equipment Company. John Eiting was the first member of the Eiting family to hold a leadership position, being named president in 1925. John’s son Carl Eiting joined the company in 1930 and became president in 1953. The company continued manufacturing mining and foundry equipment, then highway tollbooths, electrical control consoles and the first pressure ladle for the ductile and modular iron industries.

The company has since evolved into what is the Midmark Corporation of the 21st century, which makes medical, dental and veterinary products and provides related service for the medical industry.  

MIDMARK / The Industrial Equipment Co History from company website

Minster Gasoline Locomotive Types

Minster Gasoline Locomotive

The smallest gas mechanical locomotive manufactured by
The Industrial Equipment Company (TIECO) was primarily for the amusement park industry weighing in at only 2-tons.
Passenger cars with track were also available as a complete package.
A few units were also applied to industrial applications. 

Model "C" 2-Ton Minster Locomotive

Model "F" 6-Ton Minster Locomotive

The Industrial Equipment Company in Minster not only built gas mechanical locomotives but also a complete line of industrial rail cars.

Minster gasoline locomotive, cummings gasoline locomotive, www.americanindustrialmining.com
Minster Gasoline Locomotive Type F
A rare photograph in our archives depicts a 6-ton model working on the famous concrete road construction project for Twohy Brothers outside of Phoenix, Arizona
Minster Gasoline Locomotive Type F
A total of 14 Type F Minster Gasoline locomotives were assigned to the massive project builing 288 miles of road. Units ran 24 hours a day progressing approximately 1/2 mile a day.
Minster Gasoline Locomotive Type F
A rare photograph in our archives depicts a 6-ton model transporting a train of batch cars to a Lakewood Engineering concrete paver.
  Construction project for Twohy Brothers outside of Phoenix, Arizona
"SURVIVING" Minster Gasoline Locomotives
We are aware of (2) locomotives that are preserved in the United States

Minster Model "C" 24 inch gauge

Located in Durham, CT at the
Durham Agricultural Fairgrounds.

Francis Behrens writes in to our organization to describe the history of the Minster Gasoline Locomotive:

"This small engine was bought by the Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown, CT sometime around 1916 or 1917 my father thinks.  It was used to haul coal from barges on the CT river up a very steep hill to the generating plant.  It may have had a cable system to help with the hill.  

In the late 1920's it was sold to a construction company in my home town of Durham, CT.  The Arigoni Company bought track for it and set it up hauling trap rock from a quarry to a crusher and the to the main road which they used for building the Arigoni bridge over the CT river in Middletown, CT. and also possibly for paving Rt 17 in CT.  When the bridge was completed we believe it was parked in their family barn where it sat until my father retrieved in in 1991.  The Train was donated to the Durham Agricultural Fair Association Farm Museum.  My Father and other volunteers got it running and painted, and actually laid a short track to run it on.  He also retrieved the original track and switches from the abandoned coal dock at CVH.  He then went exploring and pulled a large amount of track from the abandoned quarry.   Some of this track is rather unique, as it comes pre-assembled with steel ties and bolts together like a model train set.  He managed to save what was left of a few cars and other assorted parts as well."  

Cummings Machine Co. Gasoline Locomotive 15 inch gauge

Located at the Laurel Run RR
Reading Society of Model Engineers
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania.

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Photo by: James Goudley