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Shoaf Coke Works

Shoaf Mine and Coke Works Description
We will not go into great depth of the history as this site was documented in 1990 by HAER (Historic American Engineering Record)
Shoaf Coke Works was part of a 1,000 Bee Hive Coke Oven installation project during 1904 & 1905 by the H.C. Frick Coke Company. 300 at Shoaf and the remaining 700 ovens to be built at Bitner and York Run. All the coke produced at these facilities would be shipped to United States Steel Corporation. The cost of construction for all 3 coke works exceeded $1,000.000 in the early 1900's.
Coke Usage and Purpose
Coke is basically a pure carbon fuel that burns extremely hot and utilized in the steel making industry in the blast furnaces to make the molten metal. Todays coke oven are typically in a 18-24 hour "coking cycle" . Metalurgical Coal (MET Coal) is slowly baked in ovens to remove the impurities and covert the raw coal into the super carbon fuel necessary for the steel making process.
  • H.C. Frick Coke Company 1904-1922
  • United States Steel Corp mid 20's-1958
  • Max Noble 1958-1972 (Operator) Menallen Coke Co.
FUN FACT: Max Noble used to have a small standard gauge steam engine that he would fire up once a year to give the family and grand children rides during their annual family picnic.
PRESERVATION: The American Industrial Mining Team has been working in conjunction with the current owner for the past 5 years (2010-2015) to help preserve a few pieces of coke oven equipment history from this American Industrial Iconic Landmark.
Make sure to check out the 2 photo galleries below to see some projects in action.
Shoaf Coke Works
Shoaf, Pa
Operation 1904-1972

Shoaf Coke Works is the absolutely most intact beehive coke works in the United States if not the world. Approximately 300 ovens.

The coke works was cited in 1970 to install pollution controls on the bee hive oven process  
due to strict
environemental regulations.
Closed by 1972. 

Shoaf Coke Works
Shoaf, Pennsylvania
A silent must see film when Shoaf Coke Works
was in full operation.
Shoaf Coal & Coke Works
 Photo Galleries

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Shoaf Coal and Coke Works
facility overview.
Shoaf Coal & Coke Equipment Preservation
by the American Industrial Mining Team 2012